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Easy Ways to Cut Down on Water Usage + Save Money

Why Conserving Water Helps Us All

Conserving water can help us all in many ways. By conserving the water you use in your Saratoga home, you'll be able to save money, help out this great planet we live on, and ya'll also be setting a good example to your family and friends.

One of the first things you should do is to write down (journal) any water usage in your home. This will allow you to see what kind of water usage you have, and determine where you can start saving water.

Use Water Sparingly

You should always stop the faucet from running whenever your not using the water. This can include any time when your brushing your teeth, shaving your face, combing your hair, or washing your hands. All the small things can add up at the end of the month and the year.

By just letting the water run while your brushing your teeth, you can easily use a gallon or more of water. That can be up to 2 gallons of water a day (if you brush your teeth twice a day as the dentist recommends) and 60 gallons a month. Every bit counts!

Washing the Dishes

If you have a dish washer this is taken care of you. If you have to wash your dishes by hand there are some simple steps you can do to save money. You can fill two buckets with water. One to wash the dishes and one to rinse the dishes. This way you don't leave the water running and conserve your water.


When you have the time you should look for leaks through out your house and fix them. This seems obvious but many small leaks can go unchecked and cost you money. You should look at your toilet, the faucets, the water heater, and your pipes. Sometimes there easy fixes that can save you a lot of money.


If you don't already have an energy efficient washer you can do some simple things to conserve your water. When your water starts to fill up with water, you should stop the water once it gets to the top of your cloths. This adds up over time.

Don't Run the Dishwasher or washing machine until they're full

If your dishwasher is only half full, wait till it's full to start it.

Skip the shower from time to time

If your showering twice a day you can skip a shower at night or even for one day if you haven't broke a sweat. Skipping even one shower a week can save a lot of water.