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Why should I hire a licensed plumber for my plumbing needs?

There are many reasons to hire a licensed plumber. First and foremost you are hiring someone who has taken the time to study all state and local codes and has been tested by the state or city. A licensed plumber usually has no less than 10 years on the job training with classroom studies. Plumbing installations can result in some dangerous situations if not done right the first time. Licensed contractors are required to carry the proper insurance to apply and renew their license every year.

Asking a plumber you want hire if he or she is licensed should be one of the first things on your list of questions for the job. You would not hire a lawyer for your house closing that hasn’t passed the bar exam. It is an insurance policy for your own piece of mind when you hire a licensed plumber.

If your project requires a building or plumbing permit, most municipalities require a licensed plumber for the installation.

The leak from a pipe fitting that costs less than a dollar can easily cause thousands of dollars in water damage, disrupt your household for days or weeks and throw your remodel way off schedule. So hiring a licensed, insured master plumber (or a well-trained apprentice working under his license) is a must. One of the best ways to find a good plumber is to ask friends and neighbors, remodeling contractors, and real estate agents. Nothing holds up a home sale faster than plumbing problems, so realtors often have a list of reliable plumbers. Once you find a plumber you're satisfied with, keep his numbers (Lance Plumbing 365-5649) handy for emergencies.

Good luck and be sure to hire a licensed plumber!